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Wehrli Custom Fabrication S400/S300 Twin Kit LMM Duramax (Factory Battery Location)

-5" Intake
-Dry Air filter
-Outerwears Pre-Filter Cover
-SS Oil Feed and Drain Lines with Fittings for both Charger
-Cast T4 Pedestal & Spacer with Hardware
-Heavy Duty Atmoshpere Turbo Pedestal
-4" Turbo Down Pipe
-3 1/2" Turbo Hot Side Cross Over
Availability: 4-7 Days
Pricing: $4,095.00

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- Powder Coating -
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- S400 Turbo Charger Size -
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- Exhaust Housing Size -
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- Powder Coat S400 Turbo Cover -
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- Up Pipes -
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- S300 Turbo Charger -
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- Exhaust Housing -
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- Powder Coat S300 Turbo Cover -
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- External Waste Gate -
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- Lower Oil Pan with Bung -
 * required
- PCV Reroute Kit -
 * required
- T4 Turbo Heat Blanket -
 * required


Compound Turbo Kits (also known as Twin Turbo Kits) for the 2007.5-2010 LMM Duramax have become one of the most popular upgrades for daily drivers and towing rigs. The Factory Battery Location Kit allows you to keep the passenger side battery installed under the hood. The s300/S400 Kit replaces the factory VGT turbo charger with a stronger, more robust fixed vane type S300 Turbo. Properly spec'd setups can operate very well at lower horsepower ratings and still tow extreme weights. But you also have the option to push the horsepower level to over 1000 RWHP. (with proper supporting modifications) Kits are available without turbo chargers but we will need to know what you are planning to use, and in some cases, may need your turbos sent in for the build process. Below we have spec'd out a few popular choice option kits;
1. Daily Driver, Heavy Towing Combination- S364.5 SXE with .83 Turbine Housing paired with a S475 Engineered Turbo Billet Wheel Low Pressure turbo and 1.15 Turbine Housing. This setup works best in the 400HP-700HP Daily Driver, Heavy Towing Combination. This combo is capable of towing loads in the 15-18,000 Range and can still be turned up to lay down 700HP. With the addition of an internally waste gated .83 Turbine Housing for the S300 Turbo, the kit can be pushed to the 750HP range.
2. Daily Driver, Mild Towing Combination- S366 SXE with .90 Turbine Housing paired with a S480 FMW (or Engineered Turbo) Low Pressure turbo and 1.32 Turbine Housing. This combo will operate well in the 500-850HP Range and is still capable of towing upwards of 15,000lbs with correct driving techniques. Adding the .83 internally waste gated housing is a good choice if you do plan to tow heavy but also want to push the 800HP Range.
3. Daily Driver, Racer, Light Towing Combination- S369 SXE with .90 turbine housing paired with a S484 Engineered Diesel Billet Wheel Low Pressure turbo and 1.32 turbine housing. Are you a weekend warrior drag racer that still have a boat to tow? This is the setup for you. With supporting modifications, this combination will break 1000 RWHP but is still very well capable of towing 12,000 lbs. Highly modified engine lower end would be necessary as well as serious fuel upgrades to make 1000 HP, but this setup is a great, street able, daily driver that can impress when needed.